Cash collection processes at most companies are reactive, manual and time intensive, while accounts receivable teams typically rely on static spreadsheets, internal notes and ad-hoc processes to do their daily jobs. With YayPay, AR staff time is maximized on actually managing the data for short- and long-term forecasting, cash flow, and reporting rather than working in the trenches on rudimentary, back-office collections. With YayPay, collections’ teams can select the most appropriate workflows, keep all notes and records handy, and automate personalized email communications directly online in real time. In addition, YayPay syncs with the ERPs, CRMs and third-party billing platforms. Our data is incredibly powerful for AR managers, and credit and collections specialists who are looking to manage workflow and collect money fast; CFOs, controllers and treasurers who want to manage working capital and deploy finance operations resources more effectively; and financial institutions looking for treasury management solutions to foster sticky relationships with customers and ensure monetization of payment rails or networks. As one global AR manager said, “I was struggling to find the right AR management software for my team; I found it at YayPay. It is amazing!”


YayPay is an accounts receivable, cloud-based software solution that makes collecting money easy, fast and highly predictive. The software streamlines a company’s cash collections’ process using workflow automation, a dedicated CRM, AR process redesign and cash flow analytics. Useful for companies of all sizes and in all industries, the platform accelerates cash collections, provides management and stakeholders with cash management insights, and increases the productivity of accounting and finance staff so the company can focus less on the back office and give more attention to serving customers and clients. Our customers typically experience a 20% reduction in collections for Days Sales Outstanding and get paid 20% faster.

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