Trade Ideas, LLC

Trade Ideas' innovation energy is focused on delivering better strategies to its subscribers. Trade Ideas’ A.I. develops tested strategies designed to yield actionable market intelligence for institutions, advisors, and self-directed investors. The inputs for the algorithms are the 14-years of historical derived data Trade Ideas creates from a diverse set of data including technicals, fundamentals, and non-structured sets such as crowd sourced estimates, social media, news, and more. The results are specific alpha opportunities with detailed trading plan parameters to make risk-informed decisions. Self-directed investors improve their ability to ‘pull the trigger’ and reduce preparation time forming, testing market hypotheses. Vetted ideas are delivered vs. hunted. Financial advisors, fund managers find operational efficiencies delivering tailored, high reward opportunities to clients with appropriate risk profiles. As a SaaS Fintech innovator servicing self-directed investors, financial advisors, and fund managers for over 14 years, Trade Ideas leverages algorithms derived from recursive, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (HOLLY) to develop fully formed trade plans and ideas with statistically tested, optimized performance results.


Trade-Ideas answers two of the most important questions facing traders every day: “What opportunities should I be trading today? How should I trade them?”

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