Thesys Technologies

Thesys Technologies’ mission is to improve markets through technology. We have been executing our vision of Market Structure Technology - which focuses on solving regulatory tech problems and fragmentation with advanced technology solutions combined with our deep expertise in capital markets.

Nominated for: Best RegTech Solution


Thesys Technologies, LLC is a high performance trading technology provider, focused on delivering low latency and compliance technology to financial market participants. Founded in 2009, Thesys Technologies operates out of offices in its New York City headquarters and in Charleston, SC. Thesys’ proprietary technology includes pre- and post-trade surveillance tools, low latency trading platforms, matching engines, and big data analytical tools such as those provided to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as the MIDAS system. Thesys has proven success in our system of ‘improving markets through technology’, what we have been implementing on today is our vision of ‘market structure technology’ which has contributed to our growth. Through this vision we have identified that there was a problem in the markets with how technology was being deployed. Our solution to this problem was to introduce modular, open, transparent stats.

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