Sureify helps insurers meet the high customer engagement bar that been set by the Amazons of the world. The Lifetime Platform puts the most effective digital customer engagement tools in the hands of insurers to drive customer loyalty, brand recognition and better customer experience. The Lifetime Platform is a set of cloud-based software applications that allow insurers to digitally engage with their policyholders via web, mobile and various personal health and device data sources. It includes white-labeled, consumer web and mobile apps, as well as back-end software that empowers agents and insurance administrators control over the entire Saas solution.

Nominated for: Best InsurTech Solution


Lifetime is Sureify’s cloud based software platform for life insurers that enables omnichannel sales, web and mobile engagement, policyholder data collection, and automated engagement to drive cross-selling and upselling. Lifetime has an increasingly developed AI engagement layer that puts us ahead of the competition for meeting client needs. Other insurtechs fail to look beyond wellness programs and prolongevity behavior incentivization as value propositions for life insurance. While, Sureify is looking at the full scope of engagement solutions backed by AI and analytics, including wellness and prolongevity, but also rewards programs, personal finances, claims, and more.. Sureify is the only insurtech innovating underwriting, a long stagnant process. A primary project on our 2018 roadmap is an MVP of a real-time mortality model. This is a new breed of mortality model recently made possible by the proliferation of easily accessible data sources. . Our engagement solutions have given us a rare perspective and set of insights that inspired this ambitious project.. The real-time mortality product we are developing will help expose unidentifiable risk, make a new generation of life products possible, allow for novel risk blocking strategies, and provide a mechanism to measure liability as a book of business matures.

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