Fractional share brokerage that is democratizing the stock market by making it easy for beginners of all ages to own a piece of their favorite companies.


Stockpile is the easiest way for beginners of any age, including children and millennials, to learn about stock, get started investing in stocks, or to gift stocks. Stockpile enables customers through their app or website to buy fractional shares with as little as $5, making it possible for anyone to own stock in their favorite brands, including Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Disney, Tesla and more than 1,000 other popular stocks as well as ETFs. Stockpile charges no account fees and trades are only 99 cents. Stockpile also allows customers to gift stock via purchase of e-gift cards or retail cards sold at major retail chains such as Kroger’s, Office Depot, Safeway and Staples. A growing number of Fortune 500 brands are also using Stockpile cards as employee and customer incentives. More than half of Americans don’t own any stock, only 14% own individual stock and 80% of stock is owned by the wealthiest 10%. Stockpile was founded by CEO Avi Lele in 2013 to give everyone a simple way to learn, get started investing and grow wealth through the stock market.

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