Redtail Speak

Redtail Speak is a compliance-friendly, real-time communication platform that enables financial advisors to communicate with clients safely and securely via text message, without ever leaving the Redtail CRM. Advisors can communicate with their clients while remaining compliant with all federal rules and regulations, including adhering to FINRA’s new regulatory notice that states that all text messaging conversations must be recorded. Speak automatically archives every message and conversation, and all messages, conversations and documents are completely searchable. As advisors’ clients have come to expect real-time communication, Speak’s game-changing software enables advisors to meet that demand.


Redtail is the acknowledged CRM leader for financial advisors, particularly among the independent broker-dealer segment of the market. Since the company’s founding in 2003, Redtail has been dedicated to making the lives of advisors more streamlined, productive and compliant. In pursuit of these goals, Redtail is an integrated technology company that offers both breadth and depth in terms of its integrations with more than 100 other industry tech companies, which in turn significantly reduces redundant data entry (and thus minimizes the inherent risk associated with it) while also allowing Redtail CRM to serve as the core solution in the busy advisory office (where constantly switching between software would otherwise be a serious drain on productivity). Redtail seeks out and refines efficiencies within its own platforms as well, particularly through its sophisticated Workflows tool, its opportunities for Automation and its comprehensive reporting options. With the addition of Speak to its solutions lineup (which also includes paperless office, email hosting/archiving and mobile solutions), Redtail offers advisors one more compliance-friendly method to increase productivity and communicate with their clients without ever leaving Redtail CRM. Redtail also prides itself on the company culture they have created, where community involvement and giving back are valued as much as the innovation, extreme customer service and selfless teamwork that define the company. Between Redtail’s dedication to making advisors’ lives easier and its cultivation of a work environment that encourages a spirit of giving, the company has positioned itself at the vanguard of its industry space, consistently leading the way in terms of offering advisors next generation technology. The success of its efforts is evidenced through industry surveys and polling, where Redtail is consistently the clear leader in CRM for advisors.

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