Quantxt Inc

Quantxt is a technology company with a proprietary system for content analysis. Our AI-assisted application, Theia, enables financial researchers to gather facts from various online sources and break them down into meaningful categories. It can detect and reject fake news and produce an actual human-readable research draft. Theia can also read and comprehend foreign media. Interested in “Cryptocurrency and Blockchain” trends in Russian media? Ask Theia!


Quantxt uses proprietary NLP technology and advanced machine learning techniques for in-depth analysis of qualitative and unstructured content. We use technology to read, understand and curate content to help research industry not only save time but also get a much deeper insight into their content. Many of us can read one page at a time, focus on one subject matter and read/write in one language. Our system reads one thousand pages per second covering hundreds of business-related topics from various languages.

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