Quantiacs LLC

Quantiacs provides institutional investors with access to the world’s largest selection of quantitative trading algorithms. Investors can cherry-pick algorithms that best complement their portfolios. Our team of professional quantitative developers and managers thoroughly review every algorithm on our marketplace and forward-tests them for a minimum of 6-months to ensure their robustness. Structurally, Quantiacs manages individual accounts to provide complete transparency and regular reporting. We handle the entire trading operation, provide risk management, and ensure regulatory compliance. Quantiacs Advantage Quantiacs has the distinct advantage of scalability and rigorous analyses show that our programs can accommodate over $4 billion in AUM without sacrificing performance. Quantiacs requires all algorithms incorporate highly conservative slippage and cost models while sophisticated order execution algorithms minimize market impact. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our algorithmic programs can scale to the levels required by institutional investors by encouraging longer-term scalable strategies and our team is experienced in trading and directing customer accounts. Fees and Cost Structure Quantiacs charges no management fee. Our investors retain 80% of all profits generated by the Algorithms they invest in. The remaining 20% is split evenly between the quant researcher (10%) and Quantiacs (10%). Quantiacs waives the typical 2% management fee so that all interests are aligned.


Quantiacs: The Marketplace For Algorithmic Trading Systems

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