MoneyLion is a leading mobile finance platform that empowers consumers to take control of their financial lives through better products for borrowing, saving, and investing. Founded in 2013 by a team of leading technologists and financiers, MoneyLion uses superior analytics and machine learning-based technology to gain a 360-degree view of its users’ personal finances, enabling uniquely personalized advice and underwriting. The company has made significant progress toward its goal to digitally rebundle consumer financial services. MoneyLion’s most recent milestone was the launch of MoneyLion Plus in late 2017. MoneyLion Plus combines guided savings, simple investing, access to low-cost loans (5.99% APR), and personalized PFM tools and recommendations, bringing private-banking style services for the financial middle class for the first time. The company has grown to over 2 million users and has raised $67 million in equity funding.


MoneyLion is a leading consumer finance platform that is democratizing private-banking style services for the financial middle class through better borrowing, savings and investment products. The company identifies their “financial middle class” target as the 138 million Americans that self identify as struggling with personal finances and the 70% of Americans who have less than $2,000 in savings. Since 2013, MoneyLion has acquired over 2 million consumers who use the platform to take charge of their credit, spending and saving goals and build positive financial habits. Over this time, more than 250,000 loans and brokerage accounts have been provided, 1.3 million bank accounts linked to the mobile app, $150 billion in bank transaction data analyzed, and thousands of customer interviews conducted. This data has equipped MoneyLion with deep insights about the financial challenges of the middle class that continues to drive its customer-centric product innovation. Combining sophisticated machine learning techniques and expertise in behavioral science, MoneyLion is democratizing access to the credit, saving and investing products and personalized financial advice that someone without existing wealth and a 750+ credit score would not otherwise receive.

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