Liveoak Technologies

Liveoak provides enterprises with remote onboarding & identiy verification tools to keep human expertise & interaction in the digital customer journey.


The Liveoak platform recreates the power of a face-to-face meeting for remote customer engagement via live conferencing, collaboration, electronic signature and identify verification. This all-in-one tool works directly through a secure browser session and records every keystroke for a complete audit trail. Think about all the unnecessary steps involved in engagements like account openings, customer on-boarding, and insurance/financial applications. While some workflow can be completely digitized; some complex processes will always require a personal interaction to complete. Liveoak is a Software-as-a-Service solution that combines live conferencing, identity verification, electronic signature, real-time collaboration, file sharing and webcam/remote notary (coming soon) to help enterprises and their customers close deals faster. Further, Liveoak provides a complete audit trail for every confernece that includes all conference activity down to the keystoke. You no longer have to piecemeal your work flow tools together.

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