Hive Project

Hive Project is a blockchain-based platform that provides SMEs with fast and low-cost liquidity.

Nominated for: Best Use of Blockchain


By applying blockchain technology to factoring, the Hive Project Platform will create a distributed and highly efficient distributed ledger to open up new sources of finance to SMEs. Driven by risk-lowering blockchain technology, Hive Project brings crypto currency invoice factoring and risk scoring into the mainstream. The cryptographic protection of all accounting entries and the elimination of any duplicates are ensured by the distributed ledger accessible through the Hive Project Platform. Our powerful algorithms use blockchain's 'source of truth' to provide the market with financial data about small businesses and third parties that can be relied on. Winner of CoinAgenda Global BEST ICO 2017, Hive Project aims to become an auditor, risk manager and liquidity broker on the same platform for SMEs worldwide.

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