Halo Investing

Halo Investing is the first independent multi-issuer platform for the investment product, Structure Notes. Structured Notes are a $400 billion market in the United States and typically issued by Financial Institutions to provide exposure to the performance of the underlying asset-often a stock, index, or ETF-which includes a buffer against market fluctuations on the downside. Halo’s platform drives efficiency and transparency in a previously opaque, fee intensive market only available to the ultra-high net worth. Spanning from education to pre-trade analytics, instant custom pricing, and post-trade management-- Halo offers easy web-based access to manage the entire lifecycle of the investment product.


Halo was founded with the mission of democratizing the market for and broadening the reach of Structured Notes to a large swath of global RIAs and Broker/Dealers. While Halo was initially established to make the purchase of the product easier, Halo has expanded to bring efficiency and innovation to the sell-side by introducing technology enact change across the archaic issuance processes across Wall Street. Additionally, Halo’s instant custom pricing engine can tailor a Structured Note to fit any investment thesis. Halo is growing the market for the Structured Notes and driving down the barriers to entry by lowering issuance costs and in turn driving down the notional minimums needs to purchase- a win-win!

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