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We’re innovators, engineers, and dreamers. At Fundbase, we develop tools to creatively unlock real alpha capability. We search outside the box, rethinking traditional investment management approaches, then challenge them in an intelligent and systematic process. Based on a revolutionary technology platform, Fundbase connects investors and fund managers in a communal environment giving truth to the saying that true knowledge is greater than the sum of its parts. Through the power of its users, Fundbase quantitatively provides unbiased and unique solutions, offering best-of-breed funds to truly diversify portfolios. Fundbase’s cutting edge approach learns from crowd behaviors, offering investors an unparalleled experience based on a one-of-a-kind dataset. For our clients, we provide unique sourcing capabilities to do it on your own, or an entirely outsourced white-label solution with assistance from our own internal investment division. We’re not simply seeking alpha, we deliver it to your door step.


The best source of alternative returns. Globally.

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