Finworx360 puts behavioral finance into action, helping financial advisors quickly and easily grow their practice through effortless client engagement. Now more than ever, advisors, financial planners, and wealth managers must establish a clear understanding of each client’s investment style, risk preferences, and decision-making drivers in order to serve in the client’s best interest. This understanding goes beyond simply knowing the client—it requires deep insight into how each client thinks, feels, and makes investment decisions. A product of Lirio, Finworx360 uses a proprietary Behavioral Risk Survey to surface the biases of each client and prospect, segment them into investor personas, and assist advisors in communicating with them most effectively.


Finworx360 puts behavioral finance into action by using a Behavioral Risk Survey to segment advisors’ contacts into personas based on what drives their investment decisions, such as their risk preferences and cognitive and emotional biases, and then offering persona-based tips for engagement. The result is more effective communication, stronger relationships, and better outcomes for clients and advisors.

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