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Exdion.POD is a smart technology solution to address Insurance industry challenges associated with policy checking. By leveraging Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Exdion.POD takes only a few seconds to run through a policy document. On an average, a CSR usually takes 40 minutes to many hours. The need for dedicated resources to manage policy checking is completely eliminated enabling CSR and Client Managers to focus on client critical functions. Exdion.POD systematically eliminates E&O exposure, while efficiently cloning the manual process by examining far more potential E&O risk areas than what is managed by most Brokers today. Exdion.POD is a cloud-based offering on a pay-per-use model; it doesn’t require any upfront investment from brokers and agencies. The platform comes with a standard version for small businesses and a customized version for larger brokers. Exdion.POD platform runs on highly secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) that can scale with your business growth.

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Exdion.POD is a smart insurtech cloud-based platform for Brokers and MGA's to compare and automate the entire policy checking process.

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