Elsen, Inc.

Elsen provides technology that allows large financial institutions to quickly build and deploy web-based applications that make it easy for anyone to harness, understand and make quick decisions with vast quantities of financial data.


Elsen is the platform-as-a-service company for large financial institutions. The Elsen nPlatform enables anyone to effortlessly harness vast quantities of data to make better decisions and quickly solve their most complex problems. It allows financial institutions to build applications that let any user analyze data in minutes, not days, so they can transform traditional investment workflows, strategies and results. And it does so without investments in expensive infrastructure, the resources to continually maintain it, or the expertise required to cleanse and manage data.

Financial institutions that build applications on Elsen nPlatform can upload their own data or use pre-integrated financial datasets from the most respected vendors in the financial services industry, including Thomson Reuters, MSCI, and Standard & Poor’s. Elsen’s technology enables investment, research and analytics professionals to work with and analyze financial data faster than ever thanks to its custom programming language and a massively parallel processing architecture designed for high-performance computing. In addition, machine learning and artificial intelligence provide substantial time savings by automating common workflows and data discovery, helping users uncover insights they would have never found otherwise.

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