CUneXus is an enterprise software company, specializing in consumer lending and marketing automation technology. We help lenders build strong, lasting relationships with their customer base, by providing data-driven solutions to compete in the on-demand world and delight account holders with 1-click access financial products.


CUneXus was founded by financial services and technology veterans determined to transform consumer lending by making it possible for lenders to provide a highly-personalized, on-demand borrowing experience, while increasing efficiency, loan volume and revenue. In 2014 the team released cplXpress, a first-of-its-kind lending and marketing automation platform that makes it easy for financial institutions to offer pre-approved, “click-to-accept” consumer loans to customers where and when they need them – NO application necessary. The cplXpress platform delivers an array of personalized offers to customers’ phones, computers and tablets, by performing an ongoing analysis of each customer’s account information, credit history, behavior and location. A customer walking into an auto dealership, for example, can know exactly how much borrowing power they have and at what rate, and the loan is only a click away. Shop, borrow and buy. The experience can be repeated for any consumer loan type. The customer is “perpetually approved” and aware of his or her buying power at all times, and the lender has an advantage over competitive financing offers.

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