Crypta Labs LTD.

Crypta Labs is a cybersecurity start-up developing quantum based encryption products and technologies. Our vision is to deliver military grade encryption for critical devices and communication. The key fields of application of our technology are defence & intelligence services as well as any devices which if hacked can cause significant physical, even lethal or financial damage. This includes sectors such as critical infrastructure (e.g. utilities & utility networks, traffic management networks), transportation (e.g. connected & autonomous vehicles, planes), Industrial IoT (e.g. securing manufacturing systems against ransom-ware attacks) and healthcare (e.g. pacemakers, insulin pumps).


Crypta Labs has been gaining attention and building traction in relevant industries already. We have been honoured as the winner of ‘Cyber Security Startup of the Year’ at the inaugural 2015 Cyber Security Awards; shortlisted to the finals of the ‘Citi Bank Mobile Challenge’ in London attended by the Co-President/CEO of Global Consumer Banking. We are working on further developing professional relationships with many firms in industries such as Fintech, Critical Infrastructure, and most importantly Defence and Security, which will allow to benefit from these companies’ knowledge and experience. This will allow us to reach our end goal: to develop and commercialise the first phone that is able to generate a Quantum Random Number and use this as the seed for encrypted actions.

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