Crux Informatics

Crux solves the pain of acquiring usable data faster by helping firms find, explore, and transform data with ease. Crux offers a Data Engineering Managed Services on its Informatics Platform to take on the burdensome and non-differentiating aspects of our customers’ information supply chains so they can focus on what really matters most: driving actionable insights for their business.


The digital economy has a vast amount of data for firms to make use of. With over 90% of the world’s data generated the last two years, only 0.5% of it has been analyzed. At Crux, we are dedicated to helping firms narrow this gap. We help financial companies find and make use of relevant data. On the demand side of the equation, quantitative strategies are yielding higher returns across the investment and trading landscape. This shift is increasing the demand for data scientists and new data sources from which to identify signals to generate alpha. On the supply side of the equation, getting access to the alpha-generating data requires engineering according to the variety, volume and velocity of the data coming from a myriad of public and commercial sources. Quants look to analyze these data sets, in advance of company reporting, to figure out whether the alternative data is able to predict company performance. Overall, all of these challenges lead towards frustration across the industry on how to prepare data in a format suitable to extract signals. Crux has addressed these challenges by building an Informatics Platform on the Google Cloud and by providing a data engineering managed service. These services included managing and monitoring the data pipelines in production along with various other services such as alerting & resolving. Overall, our engineers orchestrate, implement and operate clients’ information supply chains.

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