The Clutch.AI Zero Code machine learning workbench quickly exposes relationships within data, and generates a REST API that plugs into applications to predict future data, within minutes! Without writing a single line of code, the Clutch.AI workbench, whiteboxes the black box, explaining how each prediction is derived, with weightage given to each attribute’s influence.


Clutch.AI was born in late 2016, as an idea at Khosla Labs. Our tools empower lenders and others with data to build interpretable predictive models without writing a single line of code. The Clutch.AI workbench was used to create Novopay’s AI-enabled credit scoring engine, but it’s an industry-agnostic tool that interacts well with a variety of data from more than just fintechs. Our Zero Code machine learning workbench can also be used to build machine learning algorithms to predict data in agriculture, healthcare, sales, or even insurance. Our first pilot was used to build a CRM to manage a fleet of 800 sales people throughout India and embed AI into sales management by preventing churn, optimizing beat maps, and allocating leads more intelligently.

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