The in-house built data platform SPOT (Single Point of Truth) provides paperless approvals and ensures efficient loan distribution till fulfilment, making the process faster and more convenient. This platform is loaded with features like a lead management system, data analytics, data and AI based matchmaking algorithm, payment management, integration, cross / upsell engine, CRM and marketing. The platform has been designed with advanced technology features at every stage of the loan processing cycle to provide a PLUS factor. The add on of ‘PLUS’ is something that is carried across all platforms be it the websites, mobile app or tab. ‘PLUS’ denotes the added technology advantage we provide – one stop shop for our customers, online platform, business associate network and lending gateway to make the distribution channels convenient, matchmaking algorithm and integrations to make the processes more smoother and upsell / cross sell engine and end to end fulfilment for the partner network. Not only this but the SPOT platform shows real time status tracking of the loan, provides online training, pay-out calculation, meeting scheduler and rewards platform for the business associate network. SPOT incorporates these key features: 1. Marketplace platform: Rubique’s platform hosts product offerings across multiple product categories across Retail loans & SME finance. With tie-ups with leading financial institutions in India like banks, NBFCs and new age digital lenders, Rubique is able to offer plethora of choices to its customers 2. Credit Policy digitization & integrations: Unlike any other online platform, Rubique has worked on credit policy digitization & deep integration with financial institutions systems. All credit policies are fed into matchmaking algorithm which does the base level underwriting checks on the platform before passing them to FI’s system. a. Rubique currently has 150+ such policies digitized. With more number of digitized policies on the platform, the approval ratio of the applications passed through platform is increasing. For retail loan products, the approval ratio is around 90% and for SME policies, the same is around 60%. b. Rubique has done around 40 deep integrations with FI’s system, in this case the inprincipal approval given on online platform itself c. The online platform has other paperless-focused features that are integrated like e-KYC, bank statement analysis, credit bureau check, credit memo generation & MCA integration etc. These features further helps the consumer in making real time decisions. d. How it works: Customer details can be entered on the platform either through website/mobile application. Based on the inputs provided, customer’s digital profiling is done & its fed into the matchmaking algorithm built on credit policies of the FIs. This matchmaking algorithm does the matching between borrower’s profile & bank’s lending criteria and as output provides the best match along with other eligible offers. Once customer choses the best offer he is eligible for, additional fields as per banks application form are asked & post submission, all paperless approval features like e-KYC, bureau check etc. are triggered, and the application is sent to bank’s system for final decisioning. In case of deep integration, the in-principal approval is given online itself instantly. Post successful submission, the same is assigned to geographically mapped nearest business associate for collection of documents & submission of it in bank. Because of direct integration, the application movement can be tracked in real time. 3. End to end fulfilment: Taking a step ahead forward in distribution & adding the PLUS advantage to overall online proposition, we have reached out to influencers (like CAs, insurance advisors, financial consultants etc) and other such entities to help bring risk-averse customers, especially MSMEs, onto the platform, taking them from offline to online and also to extend end-to-end fulfilment of their financial requirements. a. Our network of influencers PAN India are using Rubique’s mobile app/extension of SPOT (Single Point of Truth), which has platform capabilities similar to that of a consumer website. 4. Efficient reporting & tracking: The in-house built data platform SPOT (Single Point of Truth) has capabilities like CRM, advanced analytics, lead management system & cross-sell engine. This central system provides detailed views on every single lead generated & fulfilled across different touch points.


Rubique’s unique proprietary technology platform SPOT (Single Point of Truth) acts as a neutral online credit marketplace for financial products and offers a bouquet of technology service offerings for the large network of influencers and Business Associates. Rubique’s SPOT platform is an internal data platform that covers the entire consumer journey from lead generation to disbursement for all types of loans and credit cards. The company's unique Online PLUS model comes with paperless-focused features that transform the loan approval and processing - through e-KYC, ranking analysis, and real-time status tracking - into an optimized and efficient system taking up minimal time and greatly increasing accuracy.

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