The AlphaPoint team has channeled its expertise and wealth of experience into architecting and implementing the AlphaPoint Distributed Ledger Platform (ADLP), a proprietary blockchain digitization and trading platform, built from scratch by the AlphaPoint team to optimize data throughput and minimize system latency. In an ecosystem focused on proofs of concept and potential earnings, we are happy to note that ADLP has been in live, active deployment since 2013 and is currently installed at over a dozen revenue-generating customers. ADLP has generated this level of traction because it has successfully resolved key bottlenecks in translating blockchain technology - initially designed for public, peer-to-peer use - into the more controlled, more demanding realm of high-performance enterprise environments. AlphaPoint's platform is the subject of 5 pending patents surrounding first-in-kind technical features that resolve said bottlenecks - relating to data privacy controls, highly-deterministic, finite state machine-based smart contracts, high throughput, ease of legacy system integration, and ease of erecting trading venues for blockchain-based assets. In the final instance, these technical differentiators - informed by decades of team experience at Tier 1 institutions - enable customers to outperform competitors by digitizing costly, slow, error-prone, and paper-intensive workflows, greatly reducing friction for launching new markets and providing a 'golden ledger' of record for any workflow or asset. This enables customers (1) to realize new sources of revenue by creating rich, liquid markets for previously-illiquid assets (e.g. OTC-traded commodities, or securities based on fine art); and (2) to dramatically reduce internal spends on outsourcing, manual reconciliation, and related low-level operational work.


AlphaPoint is a financial technology firm which provides financial institutions with blockchain technology to digitize, trade, and manage any financial asset. Its secure, scalable, and customizable Distributed Ledger Platform enables customers to digitize any asset or workflow in order to realize new revenue opportunities and dramatically reduce operational costs. AlphaPoint is engaged with many of the world's largest institutions and market utilities, and powers blockchain networks on 5 continents. Led by a seasoned team with 150+ years in financial technology, AlphaPoint has offices in Philadelphia, New York City, and San Francisco.

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